Monday, March 19, 2012

Wedding planning: Phase 1

This past Saturday my fiancĂ© and I (insert clip of Seinfeld fiancĂ© episode here) went to check out a potential wedding venue, a sweet little garden in Weatherford, Texas. It was fabulously gorgeous, and they sure KNEW it. At some point on the tour I stopped listening to all the great information we were being given and I started thinking why isn’t EVERYONE in the wedding business?!….These people charge upwards of 6 thousand dollars for what…to use a garden that is open to the public?

Wait, what….so why not just charge all the guest admission and call it a day? Oh because it’s a wedding, which basically means shamelessly upping the price because wedding crazed bride-to-be’s are so stressed and high off of love and party planning that they will just open their checkbook right then and there. Where has all the sense gone SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS TO GET MARRIED OUTSIDE?! If I had a dollar for every time Jerrett (the other key player in this party) or I have said…why aren’t we eloping…we might have enough to rent a piece of earth to get married on. Now, this is not to say that we don’t have enough money for a wedding, thankfully we do but it is still the principle of the matter.

I am going to start telling people I need to rent it for a company party or a bar mitzvah or something.
The flip side to that coin is…of course,  if we elope …what will I do with my Pinterest account?

Phase 1: Venue- still searching.


  1. Ahahahaha I like the idea of you renting a piece of earth.

    Good plan.

    Dang money-grubbers - trying to make a buck off of pre-wedding-insanity-syndrome.

    How rude.

    1. I will have to cut the ears off of Jerrett's Mickey mouse cap and pretend its a yamaka!

  2. The wedding biz IS a total scam... We should probably join and get a piece of it though!!