Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Miss Chelsie, is that weed in yo necklace?

Oh yeah, that happened.

So, this week I am on a trial run as a behavior Interventionist in the district I already work for, this would absolutely be a promotion so prayers and finger crossing would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, the class is a "behavior" classroom or a "transitional" room....basically baby jail for 4th and 5th grades most wanted. The skinny is, these kids are actually awesome...some have Autism others are just classified with ADHD and "emotional disturbances" which basically means....something is weird with them, but we don't really know what and or don't really care to find out....but they are super sweet deep down and really funny to boot.

Today was my first day in the class and it was interesting........these kids act like I do when my dog uses my apartment as the restroom ....on a constant. Angry, swearing, cute little kids.

I smell great blog potential ...in a big way.

Favorite quote of the day: "A brother want to get in a front of a line too, ya know."

Ohhhh shaaaa....

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  1. This. is. amazing. Please keep posting about these delightful gremlins.

    love it.