Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wedding what knot...

My wonderful fella' surprised the hell out of me and popped the question this past weekend. He's precious, it was precious and I am still in a bit of a fog about the whole deal...but fabulously excited, obviously!
However it seems that planning an actual wedding is not quite as simple as pinning something to precious pinterest.
Venue, menu who and when....what? No wonder why there wasn't a board for all of this mess! Who on earth would want to do that part? Give me eternal wedded bliss, a fabulous ceremony under 5,000 bucks and make it look like an anthro magazine...this should be easy right? waaaayyyy wrong.

So ladies, I need ideas, and connections and great inside information from all of my friends who actually are really great at this stuff (you know who you are). I decided I should try and document this whole shin dig along the way so for the next 4-8 months beware this may actually resemble a wedding blog..

Good ideas, and go....................

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  1. I wish I had found more helpful things while I'm helping Sara plan hers. As I hear more and find more for her I'll keep you posted! So excited for you to be blogging again. :)