Monday, January 28, 2013

Wedding pic-a-palooza

I have heard a lot of girls say that they hardly remember anything about their wedding, or just that they only recall the BIG catastrophe and almost all brides say that they didn't even get to EAT! I was SOOOOOO not that bride! I ate so much, drank just enough and even managed to dance gangnam style...ALL because of some truly amazing women who came to the rescue and made sure that I had the best time ever, and I really did!

Major jumbo thank you to Danielle (Her awesome blog here) and a great friend of hers who is SUCH an amazing woman, Laurel..who planned and orchestrated our nuptials ON THE FLY (Here is her amazing website )! These ladies took everything that was in my brain and made it into reality, they are so amazing and potentially witches to have come up with this stuff so damn fast!
We seriously couldn't have done it without the whole thanks to all of our aunts, cousins, uncles, MOM, dad, grandparents and brothers we got hitched without a HITCH!
EXCITING NEWS: Our wedding pics came in the mail today, holy freaking toledo they are precious....My Aunt Aubry was our photographer and SHE IS AMAZING! (be sure to check out her FB page! )

Now is the time to brag the pants off about our super excellent wedding.......

Wedding pic-a-palooza COMMENCE:

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