Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Take one

As far as I am concerned this is my way of sitting down over a cup of Joe dishing with a friend, so there will be typo's...there will be bragging about my wonderful boyfriend, book reviews, also there will most assuredly be pictures of animals especially mine and hopefully some funny stories along the way too.

Where to start..........

You could say that this blog is directly in response to a close friend of mine sharing her blog with me, so naturally I wanted one. Speaking of, you can check hers out at . But to be totally honest, creating a blog has been on my mind for about a year... toying with the idea of ranting and raving on a public forum and a place to share all of the ridiculous things that happens to me, the wild things I hear at work or just about anything I would say to a girlfriend over coffee seemed like a rather charming idea..... and the narcissist in me is salivating over this! But aside from the obvious self involvement this could also be a way to stay connected with friends near and far much more in depth than a status update.

Let the blogging begin.

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  1. Yes yes yes yes. Coffee date via iPhone. Distance - nonissue.