Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sit, stay dead.

Dog training is one of those things that seem really easy until you have a dog, and then it seems really ridiculous to think you could make this crazy animal do anything you want! This is especially frustrating for me, as I am a behavior modification therapist....completely trained in all the techniques that they use at Petsmart, or mans best friend etc....I do this for a living and with humans!

Recently I have adopted a pup, her name is Rua and she is super sweet and adorable....she can also be terrible. She only sits when asked about 40% of the time, "stay" is not in her vocabulary and because of some medical issues she has a lovely habit of eating poop! Also, I am completely convinced that she believes that this is her apartment and that she graciously allows me to pay rent and clean the place for her.

I have been slacking big time in the training department, to say the least and I have had about all that I can handle. For the past two weeks I have really been diligent to take the bull by the horns and get this, who's the boss thing situated. Results.....Rua is still allowing me to live here, how kind. She can sit on command about 60% of the time, "stay" still is fuzzy...however the boyfriend has been teaching her "halt" which seems to bring him copious amounts of joy to hold up his hand like a Jedi and command the dog to halt. However all is not lost, we did manage to teach her to give high 5's and high ten's. Who needs sit, when your dog can pound it.


  1. Oh Rua... some day you will be the dog Chelsie wanted. I can feel it. Thank god for the beau-friend in this situation.

  2. PS - there's a coy pond at the bottom of your blog. I'm feeling upstaged.

  3. Hahaha, go big or go home Alexis!

  4. Hey Chelsie! I was instructed by one Alexis Branaman that I NEED to read your blog because it is amazing, as are you. And she says we have a lot in common. So here I am, following, and super excited about it :) You can check out my blog, too, if you wish:

    (And I am loving your fishies.)

  5. You totally took data on the sitting progress. Its ok, Im going to put up a video soon of my barking alarm- time to eat- dog intervention. 60% of time it works all the time. Very excited about your blog!