Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Bloggings....

(Photo: Harvard I wish I was there right now!)

Sunday, ughhhhhh.....Not just Sunday but the Sunday after vacation is one of the worst kinds of Sunday's there are. Quick recap, Boston was amazing....The history, the weather, the people and of course the company....twas all fabulous.

Texas is......HOT, seriously like kill you in the street hot, hide yo kids, hide yo wife hot. Unfortunately I am back in town and reality hits again tomorrow along with another round of the infamous heat wave. With all this heat and after visiting a really great city I started to wonder, why in the hell does anyone live here? It's hot, it's spread out, crummy public transit... there isn't a tremendous amount of historical significance? Why are we doing this to ourselves, so I of course googled it and here is what I discovered:Nothing....Cost of living or something like that.....but for all practical purposes there really is no reason, just a bunch of people asking the exact same question. If any of you have an answer or a deep love of this state (aka the seventh circle of hell) I would LOVE to hear it.

I suppose I am off until tomorrow, so I will spend the remainder of this day eating bomb pops and try to hang my hammock in the deep freezer. Cheers.


  1. Dude. I HEAR you. Urban sprawl, crazy heat, giant bugs (you didn't mention the bugs but I felt like you might have been thinking it)...Texas sounds just about as fun as North Carolina this time of year. I know a lot of people love it in Charlotte - and I do enjoy all there is to do outdoors when the weather is tolerable - but I am already so antsy to move somewhere else after just a couple of years here. My closest friend in Charlotte is moving to Boston in about a week and a half to go to law school and I am so jealous of the awesome place she'll get to call home. (Ok, I've never been - but it sounds perfect.) Glad you had a fun trip!

  2. It's not fair to compare Texas to the East Coast if you haven't been there in the Winter though I don't think...

    I don't have an undying love for Texas - but I do like Fort Worth when it's not over a hundred degrees. It can be pretty here - just give it two more months. Stinkin' heat wave.

  3. Well, being the GIANT lover of Texas that I am, I couldn't NOT comment here.
    I have to agree with the comment above - until you're trapped in 7 feet of snow for 5 days in a dirty city (been there, done that. Eeew); THEN we can talk. Texas has crazy heat, the east coast has ABSURD winters. (I'm not kidding, your car will literally get buried alive in snow & ice).
    Additionally, Texas is the ONLY state in the Union who could succeed. We are the only ones who can fly our state flag as high as the US Flag (since we've been our own country), AND we are the only state with enough natural resources to sustain ourselves (oil, gas, cattle, cotton, water, etc etc).
    I have the luxury of traveling a lot for my job, and let me tell you - the more places I go, the more I learn that there is NO place like Fort Worth (except maybe Columbia, South Carolina).
    Don't hate.

    Ok, I'm off the soapbox now. :)