Monday, September 26, 2011

Sabbatical, schmattical ....

The month of self pity is officially ending and with it, my sabbatical from blogging. I feel really sorry for my fabulous boyfriend to have to put up with me, although he always does such a great job cheering me up....but some things you have to do for yourself. For the past month I have been sleeping more than I ever have, feeling stressed, sad, angry... hair turning grey and falling out etc....a general sense of wallowing.

Be gone with you.

After 6 months of a good friend of mine telling me how cool her "non-church", church was ...I finally was trapped and forced to go (being that I bailed on her birthday brunch to get my hair done for free, and because I was broke and had nothing to wear insert pity party here) and being that I could not bail twice on a good friend in one weekend. The long and short of it....she was not kidding, this place was magical.
On top of that, another dear friend of mine came over and we had a much needed heart to heart ....talking about the crappy things in life and working hard to try and remember all the wonderful things in life. 

I think that is the trick, you don't have to hold everything inside and keep all the rotten things to yourself. Pretending everything is fine, is the fastest way to wear yourself out. Sometimes things are shitty. That's okay.....but sometimes things are beautiful, and wonderful and fabulous....very rarely is life just one shade. Accept the junk, embrace the magical and actively seek joy.

ANECDOTAL NOTE: This conversation happened last night on the phone with my mom ...talking about how much we are both working as of late...

Mom: "I'm out there humping my ass all over town."
Me: "hahahhahahaha, I think you mean busting your hump."
Hysterical laughing ensued. 


  1. MY HEART IS SMILING. I'm so glad you loved "non church" church as much as I do. Having you there was the highlight of my week. Shloves to Chelsie-pants.

  2. So good to have you back Miss Chels - and glad to hear your mood is on an upward swing!