Thursday, January 26, 2012

Blog land, where for art thou

After months and months of nothing aside from static I decided I would make a point to get back in the game, so to speak and start blogging again!
In the time I have been “away” from the practice of chit chatting to….no one a lot of major life things have happened….I now have a full time job, that is super grown up and very very full time! I enjoy it immensely and have hysterical things happen daily, however as I am now finally adjusting to that new life change I decided that it would be important to “get back” to some things that I enjoyed pre-real world….i.e. Blogging
I am a behavior specialist for an elementary school while I will leave the sensitive details out, to cover my ass and keep my job I think I will use these experiences to share with you all-
Today a kid was sitting in my room crying over the loss of his cheetos, blubbering uncontrollably like someone had died, rather than the actually sad fact that you can’t have chips during class….(which is sad because Cheetos are freaking delish!) He said a series of quotes that Emerson could have written:
“I hate school”
“I hate stupid teachers”
“I hate this dumb ol’ school”
“Teachers are always mean to kids”
…………………………Ode de Cheeto?

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