Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dreams of a backyard homestead

As spring approaches, I am eagerly reading through all the literature I can get my hands on, in hopes that I can start a fairly sustainable backyard homestead. I'm talking a few chickens and a bounty of fresh veggies, you know that should be super duper easy, right? SURE.....

Part of the reason we bought this house is because of the incredible back yard, it's about a quarter of an acre in the heart of the city and already has a shed that could easily turn into a coop, with pre-bedded gardens. THE PROBLEM IS, I don't have a green thumb, whatsoever but I really think that with enough guidance we could get something pretty special going on over here. If any of you have any experience with backyard chickens or gardens I would love to hear any tips and all of your advice!

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  1. You would enter a whole new category of awesome if you had a chicken coop. But are you going to have a rooster? I'm worried about your relationship with the neighbors if you have a cocka-doodle-doo alarm clock for the block... ;)