Friday, February 22, 2013

Feral creatures

Life has gotten busy these last few weeks and updating my blog isn't the only thing that I have neglected. Our house looks like a refugee camp....laundry EVERYWHERE, seriously everywhere. Jerrett uses our guest bedroom as an office (which will be changing shortly because craigslist and I have plans for a great guest room/ small SMALL home office) anyway I don't go in that room if I don't have to.

The other day the closet door was open and I noticed something strange.....the entire closet was full from the floor and up as high as my neck with dirty clothes. Apparently my dear husband had become  "overwhelmed" with the weight of his chore ....and instead of talking to me about it, he began piling it away in the guest room closet.

It's not all his fault (but it is a lot his fault), I could be doing more but with school, work and life it is really really hard to keep everything running smoothly! Sorry mom that I ever asked "does my room need to look clean or really be clean?"

This weekend I am taking my house BACK from the black, we are going to the Laundromat with giant bags of dirty laundry and are going to knock it out in one go. My hope is that if we tackle the huge pile, then the maintenance will seem much more doable. Here's hoping.....

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  1. I think that the story about Jerrett hiding dirty laundry makes me happier than a lot of stories I have heard lately. I still laugh when I think about it. It's part of why you are my favorite married couple.