Saturday, February 2, 2013

Oh heyyyyyy there Grad School......

Big news on the Lyday front, this Thursday around 4pm I received an email notifying me that I had been accepted into the Master's of School Counseling program at Dallas Baptist University (holla!)..and that my first class was that same night and at 5:30. I was and am ecstatic, I had just enough time that I did a giddy squeal and ran to brush my teeth then practically FLEW out the door. I managed to find the campus, make it to class on time with nothing to even take notes with aside from my barely charged iPad (and thank the Lord I even had that!). I sat there studiously taking notes, smiling a giddy grin and trying my hardest to not starve to death in the process....I have three papers due by next week and another class I haven't been to yet....I am almost certain I can swing this.....sure? 

I have NO IDEA how we are going to pay for classes and even less of an idea how it is going to fit into my already super busy schedule but I know that I want this, more than I have ever wanted any part of my that will have to be enough for now.

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