Monday, April 8, 2013

Manic Monday

Today started off fabulously, I woke up refreshed, enjoyed my newly designated space to get ready, made a killer latte and left for work with plenty of time to spare. The commute was flawless, no traffic, perfect weather...freaking great Monday. When I got to work the kids were all cheerful, I was cheerful and we were cheerfully chit chatting about how lovely our weekends were. My phone rang around 8:10, the husband informed me that our alarm service had called and that our front door had opened....when it most certainly should not have been open. There goes that perfect Monday, we decided that one of us needed to go home and see what was going on....and to make sure that our fur-babies were all safe and sound. It was my turn to be elected, so I abandoned my teammates and ran out the door to defend my home and my animals...(I am envisioning a Joan of Arc, version of myself here.) 

Naturally, no one else realized that I was in a state of emergency, and decided to lolly-gag and meander lazily down the freaking highway....clearly, PANIC MODE HAD SET IN. As if my morning couldn't get any more exciting the car directly next to me at the stop light started to smoke....the driver hopped out and called the police...meanwhile I am stuck right next to a smoking car and unable to get away from it, compliments of a red light, busy intersection and a hefty median....As I am watching the car it burst into flames, which totally engulf the entire vehicle! "Whaaaaat is happening this morning??!!" was pretty much as far as my thought process would go.  Thankfully, the police came and blocked off the intersection so that all of us trapped next to this giant burning car could get away, finally!

Once back on the road, I decided that the speed limit could be damned and that I was going to get home and see what else was going wrong. As I pulled up I saw two very confused house keepers and heard the alarm blaring....apparently they had switched our day and had forgotten to tell us about it...which seems like a major oversight to me. All in all the morning was a series of near disasters, but I will take a near miss over the real schabang any day of the week...even on a Monday.

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  1. I hate to tell you that I started laughing out loud reading this post. The car bursting into flames is still making me chuckle. I also imagine two women in pink uniforms and aprons with their hands held above their heads waiting for the police to arrive. Which also makes me laugh.