Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Say goodbye to WHAT?

Most of my family and friends know that I have been struggling with some health issues since, like .....October.
I have had pain, a low grade fever and upon a CT scan they found two cysts in my spleen....big ones. Being that your spleen is actually really important (who knew) the surgeon did not want to remove it being that I am "so young" and encouraged me to seek another route. After months of research and additional Dr's visits the ideal of seeing a Gastroenterologist came up, EUREKA!

Just from the ONE CONVERSATION and some information from the Dr's office I already have a lead, they recommend EVERYONE with spleen abnormalities entertain the idea of a gluten allergy. Gluten, delicious wonderful gluten, is apparently crazy hard on your spleen, and often leads to spleen abnormalities along with a slew of other symptoms, to my dismay, I happen to have......

Sooooooooo it looks like I will do a 30 day trial, a "so long to gluten" test and see if I have improved symptoms. Naturally, I have spent the majority of the morning goggling what I can and cannot eat. All of my most faves are OUT but MOST wine, chocolate and Haribo products are in the clear, so I think I will not die immediately.

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  1. Chocolate and most wine - that's a diet one can live on. You can do this Chels! :)