Thursday, January 17, 2013


As promised I am home sick today, what JOY! Being home alone and not being able to do ANYTHING not even the lower totem pole activities i.e., clean, do laundry, organize or do anything worthwhile has left me stranded on the couch. As my body attempts to melt into the couch while watching my DVR collection of The Big Bang Theory and reliving the past 8 years of my life on Facebook I am reminded that I have lived a really exciting life! (I have little proof of that today as I am now a half couch half girl humanoid.)

 So I decided to think on the adventures that I have already had, and plan for the ones to come. I spent a summer in Mexico, I have traveled to Europe, I have gone on epic road trips all over the country. Jerrett and I visited Bean town, Hogwarts, the ocean and The Big Apple all within the last year and a half! Not a list to "pooh pooh" at by any means however, I haven't tackled even 1/8 of my "must see"destinations!

Rather than spend the whole day wanderlusting and getting crazy angsty over ALL the travels that are yet to be, I decided to make a list of where I would like to go in 2013- a top 5 list. In the name of patience, and indecisiveness I am not going to create the list all at once rather, I will submit my top 5 places that I need to visit this year once a month for the next five months. Shall we start with #5.......

5. The Grand Canyon

I have always been awed and inspired and a little terrified by this beautiful monster but have never been able to take a gander over the edge. (which I will probably have an anxiety attack about so I'm not sure why I'm all excited about this.).  I think part of the allure is that it brings to mind some seriously nostalgic feelings about classic American family vacations. So why not have our little family's first vacation be an awesomely bad Americana road trip to the Grand Canyon? Bring it. Look out Grand Canyon, this B is coming to visit circa March 2013!

Like a lot of things, adventure is one of those wonderful things in life you know is healing while you are "in it", but when you come back home it is easy to forget how alive you felt while you were out there, actually living your life. That's not to say that you cant epically live your life in your typical 40 hour workweek, but it is prone to the more mundane. Days like this I am tempted to quit my job, sell the house and empty our our retirement funds and go SEE THE WORLD together in a really dramatic and romantic fashion! Alas, that plan is just a bit too rash and hipster for me, and there are so many things that I actually really love about my little mundane life. So I will keep my job, put my nose to the grindstone and purposely make time for adventure in my life!

Here's looking at you spring break.

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  1. Scheduling time for adventure is how you make sure adventure happens.

    Without our daily life we miss growing up and growing into ourselves and our relationships. Day to day is good. But adventure is just what we need to keep from becoming couch-like humanoids.

    I can't wait to hear more about your adventure. We're going to Asheville in March!